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If the Christian beliefs are correct, then Atheism and Reincarnation must be
false.   If Atheism is correct, then Christian one-life-ism and Reincarnation must be wrong.  
If Reincarnation is correct, then, Atheism and Christian one-life-ism must both contain major errors.

Are You Aware that

The Three Basic,



Are Mutually-Exclusive?


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Only one of them can be correct.      The other two contain major errors.

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Religion Versus Reality



Only One of these Beliefs Can Be True.

Belief in Reincarnation:    

You always were and always will be.  
You are a multi-dimensional being.
Multiply Earth lives.  
Shift to different form of consciousness when the body dies. 

Belief in Atheism:    

You are an accident of nature --  created at birth out or Earth matter. 
You are your body.
One life only.
Cease to exist when the body dies.  

Belief in Christian One-life-ism:    

You were created by God at conception or birth.  
You are your body.
Live only once.
Go to heave or hell forever when the body dies.  

Each belief has million or billions of believers.  

Only one of these beliefs can be true.  

This means the billions of humans are living as if their beliefs were real when, in fact, they are basing their lives on a religious (or anti-religious) fairytale.

Which one do you believe?    

What if you are wrong?


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